Love will save the world

I was never a particular fan of rain. It felt like happiness was only existent in a sunny warm weather. I now find happiness in the rain.

bwbeautifulblackandwhiteflyflyinggirl-26bf77defd794312976caddf5323acbb_hBecause it allows me to feel my natural sadness of these days. While the sun unwillingly forces me to have fun.

Because it hides the tears.

Now the most important two:

Because he is now part of it, part of the universe, and rain gives him a physical form and he becomes feel-able and touchable. And I allow him to rain down on my face, my hands and gently hug and kiss me.


Because I feel like it should be easier to astral project when it’s raining. Either because water is a good conductor of cosmic energies or because the sound of it helps meditate or for some other reasons I am not fully aware of…not yet.

Astral projection has become quite a thing for me after his passing. I always had flying lucid dreams and as I started exploring the possibilities for connecting with deceased people through dreams, I stumbled upon the astral projection topic, which was quite a favourite one for my friend and we would always have the debate of whether dreams were actually happening in one’s mind or on an astral plane.

As a strategic and analytical person, I set myself a task of developing my skills in lucid dreaming and astral projection and explored literally all possible methods and techniques, starting with the very spiritual, on to empirical and often pop methods and ending with quasi-scientific/academic approaches. I’ve combined all the knowledge and put these all methods to test and eventually I’m having significant progress in just two months.

To some this might seem a wrong motivation for exploring astral projection, but I believe it isn’t. I have always had this strong conviction, that if anything is done for/with love, it can’t be wrong. Love is my driving force now as well and I’m sure that the possibilities that astral projection would offer, should I be able to establish the connection, could be used for the world, for sharing this love and supporting the overall positive and love-forming energy in the world. I know that’s ambitious, but that’s what drives me forward. And if there’s any 0.1% chance that this might be possible, I’m going to give it a go. And if there’s 1 person in the Universe who has been able to do this, I will, too.

I will be posting separately about the astral projection experiences, techniques and interesting findings as I go along and will be happy about any experience-sharing and discussions.



The afterlife love story from the beginning.





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