More signs have been coming in these days apart from the more usual ones, like numbers and songs.

Another heart, much clearer this time. I just love it, love it, love it! This just cannot happen twice as a coincidence. That would ruin any theory of chance.

heartI have two versions for explaining this miracle:

  1. This is a drawing by my twinflame friend. I’m obviously inclined to this first version.
  2. This is my consciousness creating this reality around me. This version would mean that my twinflame friend is actually also a product of my consciousness, as is the whole universe, including all of the readers of this blog,  yes – you!, and just basically anything. This would mean that I (by saying I – I mean my higher self, the pure consciousness, the universe, the nature) created my friend, I then killed him (removed him from this reality) so that his passage would awaken me, shake me up and lead me on this path of self-realization and new experiences. This is too complicated and as much as I dive into these hypotheses I get lost at some point where my physical brain/logic cannot process it further.

I hope my explorations through OOBE and meditation will help me understand this better and one day I will have the answer.

Angelic healing

This one is a blast!

Just recently in a completely new company of people I was meeting for the first time I heard a story about a good man who suddenly fell into coma. He happened to be the son of a composer whose music I adore and a person loved by many for his numerous good deeds as well as work with children who need help. He instantly got my sympathy and although I had never met him, I kept thinking about him. This thinking got me as far as the possibility of people in coma to be somewhere on the astral plane, where an experienced astral traveller could possibly reach them and talk to them and possibly guide them back to their physical body in case if they have just accidentally got lost.

I was thinking of trying to do that and tuning in to this story during my next astral projection attempt, but because I realised I was not yet that experienced and energetically strong to navigate the astral planes that purposefully, I immediately thought to ask my friend to help this man if he can and if he is my guardian angel now.

A week later this man wakes up from coma.

The same two versions apply here as well. I’m even happy for this to be the third version – a coincidence! It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a good man is back to life and can continue bringing happiness and beauty to life and the people around him.



The afterlife love story from the beginning.





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