I don’t recall if there was any wind…It was calm and dark. We were alone in a boat. He was telling me some funny stories as he used to and showing some photos.

For the first time in 4 months he came to my dream. Not a lucid dream, unfortunately, despite the daily training and some success in other dreams. After a long time of waiting and chasing him in my dreams, I had decided to loosen my grip a little, as it seemed my too ardent attempts were pushing him even further away from me, as was my depressed and grieving attitude. A week of no tears and here he was bright and careless in my dream.

I was so excited in the morning that he finally appeared, that I didn’t quite give a lot of significance to the details. I now wonder, how could I!

On the next day I was browsing some books to read and videos to watch on the subject of metaphysics, astral projection etc and there was a title that got my attention: Boat. At the moment it just reminded me of the dream and I felt warmness and went on doing my stuff with him in my thoughts as usual.

It was not until yesterday night that I finally was thrown this in my face when my five-year-old daughter, who was going to bed after shower all of a sudden, while I was drying her up with a towel, declared – “Boat!”. OMG! I was startled. I said: “What? What boat? Why did you think of a boat” and she was confused, as she could also feel it came out of the blue and was not related to anything. So she said “Hmm…I guess it’s in the street.” But that was not enough for me so after some time I asked her again, how come she thought of a boat, and as she was drowsy and ready to go to sleep, she mumbled another phrase: “The only one!”. When I asked who’s the only one, she said “you, mummy”. And again she got surprised and asked me: “What does the only one mean?” (in our local language there’s a single word for this phrase which she never used and so didn’t know the meaning). I explained her and she seemed satisfied and went to bed. But I was left totally speechless. At the same time very warm again – as if he was telling me through her, “Hey! it’s me, your friend in the boat, and you’re my only one…we are one”.

This is when I made up my mind to explore a bit further the significance of the Boat as a symbol.

I’m still at it as I’m writing the post and there are some immediate findings, some good some not so much, but I tend to focus on the positive ones. I would welcome any interpretations from more experienced symbolists.

  • Boat as a symbol for a means of travel on the spiritual path – this one is very relevant, as I’m currently exploring all things spiritual and trying to find my unique mission in this life. I would assume that having him in this boat would mean that he’ll be guiding me on my way.
  • Boat on a river between this reality and the afterlife. The crossing line for the spirits and the meeting place for souls between the two worlds. I guess this one doesn’t interfere with the first one and could just complement it. It somehow gives a more realistic touch to the dream.
  • Boat as a transportation for the spirit to a new incarnation. I found this one somewhere and I didn’t quite feel positive about it, as this would mean that my friend was going to be reincarnated and would lose any memory of me. I have a lot of fear associated with this version and I have thought on numerous occasions that if he chooses to reincarnate, I would please ask him to give me a hint of where and who he would reincarnate into, so that I could somehow identify him. I’m sure I would feel this, but my mind just keeps on asking for facts…silly mind.
  • The last and least attractive interpretation is the one which is always associated with dreams involving deceased persons. It’s when they take you with them and that would symbolise the dreamer’s passing away. He didn’t call me anywhere, we were just spending time together, and it’s more like I called him into my dream, so I don’t take this as an invitation. I am not afraid and I will happily join him someday, but I just know I still have a lot to do here and my intuition just tells me this is not it.

I guess I’m done with the main findings. Will be researching further, but any ideas and suggestions would be very helpful!




The afterlife love story from the beginning.





7 thoughts on “Wind in the sails of oneness

  1. I have read all your posts thus far! Thank you so much for sharing these experiences. I love your hearts in the sky. 🙂 If you feel comfortable sharing it on your blog, I would love to hear more about your earthly relationship with this friend. What was your time on earth together like? I think that will make these otherworldly stories even more powerful, to know the history that is behind them. Keep writing! Best wishes to you.

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    • Thank you so much for reading the whole thing through. I will definitely write a separate post about the pre-history. I will at least try and fit it in one post 🙂 That’s a very helpful observation. Sometimes it’s the reader who feels best what misses in the story to make it complete. I’m just so overwhelmed with the present that the past seems to fade in its importance and there’s a whole new level of a connection now. But there are also now certain answers to the questions that any unfinished relationship leaves. I will reflect on these in my recap of the beforedeathlovestory…

      Love. Hope.

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  2. you should contact Melinda Lions, The Last Frontier Medium. She has a website with her contact information. She will do a free reading for you as she did for me and it helped me answer so many questions. She has gone the exact same thing with a twin flame and is very good at this sort of thing. I hope you give her a try and it helps ! Betsy

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    • Thank you, Betsy! For some reason I decided for myself that I wouldn’t be going to mediums and channelers, rather would develop myself as one and would have a direct connection with my TF…sometimes I’m getting desperate and want to ask for help, I did once ask for a FB group reading but didn’t get any reasonable input…maybe next time when hopelessness knocks at my door, I will try Melinda…but I do hope I’ll be able to do it on my own. If at least one person in the world can do that, I’ll learn how and will do it as well! Thank you for trying to help and I might do this eventually…it might be him who brought you here to lead me to Melinda for a message to help me on my path 🙂 Much love! ❤


      • I’ll have to admit, I felt the same way. She found me somehow on twitter right after my fiancée died in June, 2014. She offered me a free reading so I though what do I have to loose. Its over the phone too, so she got a few things so right, the hair was standing up on me, but a few things were off too .. but one of the things she was off on did turn out to be a premonition that happened in Dec last year. But I missed him so much and could feel him around me so I said to him before I called her that if he was here that he could validate the connection with her. I said lets get married while I talk to her. He had never given me a ring, and never properly proposed, but we’d be together for 14 yrs. When she said, did he ever give you a ring ? my mouth fell open. I said no. She said well he’s giving you one now, he’s on one knee right in front of you and ask me to marry him, that he should have give me the ring along time ago. I almost fainted. I really did have my doubts until then. But I, as you, want to develop my abilities and do it myself. I have confidence that we both can !!

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      • Wow now that’s a story! I’m getting almost impatient to try and see what Melinda might have to tell me 🙂 Will share here if there’s anything as sensational as yours! And we definitely can develop those abilities, it just takes time, dedication and belief!


    • Hi Betsy! I followed your advice and contacted Melinda, thought it might be a sign from him…I had a paid reading though, but that doesn’t really matter. I have shared the results of the reading here https://afterlifelovestory.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/the-reading-legit-or-not/ . As this was my first ever reading, I’m a bit confused, as I guess I had other expectations. But I would love to hear what you think, as someone who’s had readings before. Is it ok for some information to be off, some partially correct and some well almost spot on, or am I just stretching it all to fit into my context? Many thanks in advance!


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