I had another visitation dream, a very mystical one.

I was walking down the street close to my home and suddenly I looked up to find this huge yellow full moon right above me, as if at an arm’s length. And his face was smiling down from it. Not just a shape that you would usually see on the moon that resembles faces or hands, but the actual face – breathing, alive and so beautiful.

Again, I am struggling with the multiple interpretations of this unique apparition, but I think it reassures me that the answer to my questions is correct – he is my twinflame.

This explains perfectly, how I could feel the moment of his passing away; how I can feel his presence so intensely deep within myself now even more than ever; how I would experience intense pain from our separation – once in the physical world and now in the ethereal; how we always felt we were meant for each other, but at the same time there was very little romance or man-woman attraction between us; how we are one & the same in  many ways, yet so different.

Right a moment ago, as if in another reassurance attempt, I again saw 11:11 on the clock, as it has been reoccurring to me since the day he was gone, on the clock, number-plates, bill-boards and where not.

I now understand we were meant for each other as teachers in this lifetime. They say it’s rarely so, that twins are incarnated at the same time and when they are they have a special mission or they have chosen this together to bring themselves even closer to becoming ultimately one.

I think he always knew this and was trying to get this message through to me, but I was just not ready. We had to let each other go to learn on our own, to deliver our soul contracts with others, whom we had to give what we probably owed from past experiences.

I have also realised both of us are lightworkers and this brings our level of spirituality and connection even closer to the divine. As a child I would sit by the window and dream to be taken back to space, home, by an UFO or angels, I just recalled it so intensely the other day as I started exploring the matter deeper. People have always been telling me I’m outlandish, have an aura of an angel. I’ve always been putting helping others as a top priority, above my own needs and I’ve always felt I have a mission and I need to help the world get better, people to be more accepting and loving.

These revelations give me hope that with help from my twin now on the other side and with all the knowledge I will be able to realise this mission. This might be a small step in view of the eternity, it might be helping just one soul, it might just be by sharing this experience with ten readers for whom this might be important, but that would be my contribution to the love energy of the universe. In the end, this is the only purpose why we are  here – to contribute to the energy flow which keeps everything going.

This now explains to me the nature of our love – divine, unconditional and so much not like any other form of love people experience in life.

Here’s a song he brought to my attention yesterday – another reassurance.

Slightly before this I also stumbled upon his comment for a video game he used to play, I checked it out and it’s all about this soul connection and how one soul from the other side leads his other half through life, it’s called Beyond: Two Souls.

I so much relate to this game and the way the lead character feels – feeling the presence of her twin all the time. I bet he felt the same playing the game. I just need to work harder to reach that level of communication to put the knowledge I can now have through him to service for a good purpose.

Love this journey and am fully giving in to this flow. May it lead me to beautiful places and an ultimate reunion with my twinflame.




The afterlife love story from the beginning.



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