Look Up – Lucid dreaming and another sign from my deceased twin

HeartsJulyLooking up has become a routine for me now in search of signs from my deceased twin-soul. Heart-shaped clouds are my favourites.

It’s been about a month since the last one I saw and today I was looking at the sky, no hearts…I thought, well it’s probably not that simple for him to draw hearts every time I look at the sky, I’ve had plenty already and shouldn’t be asking for so many more. It took seconds for these three hearts to shape up right above me! Not as clear as the last heart, but given that there are three of them, I assume he’s not had enough time to bring them all to perfection 🙂

Looking up has also become a reality check technique for me in attempting lucid dreaming.

Since my last visitation dream where he appeared in the moon, I decided I should use the sky as a reality check, as in the dream the sky may appear so unrealistically fantastic and cosmic that it can well work as a sign of a dream.

In case anyone’s interested, this is how it works:

  1. Look at the sky during the day as frequently as possible and ask  yourself very sincerely whether you are in a dream.
  2. If the sky is beautiful, as it’s always beautiful, but still kind of usual, then you just tell yourself that this is not a dream.
  3. If the sky is unrealistic and cosmic, like you can see planets, a huge moon or stars, colours etc, then you are dreaming. From this moment on you have become lucid and can start controlling your dream environment.

The key to the success is the frequency with which you do this exercise and the sincerity of wondering whether this is a dream, because really, you never know when you are in a dream. Sometimes a dream, however fantastic it is, feels like reality during the dream and you don’t realize you’re dreaming because your critical mind is shut off. The frequency also helps make this a habit and therefore increase chances of you to look up to the sky in your dream!

So far only flying dreams have worked for me in prompting lucidity, but I’m sure the “look up” method is well worth a try!

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