Over the last 10 days I have been getting some signs, which are mostly repetitive of the ones I’ve already posted here about so I will not go into detail.

However, analyzing all of the signs so far I have come to one idea which has stuck in my head as this is common about each and every sign. They always leave a 0.1% of doubt.

I think there’s a rule out there for our friends on the other side to not give as much presence out as to leave someone utterly convinced of the actual communication and connection between the two worlds. Not even to speak of verifiable information and facts. There’s always that minor crack in the glass, that can cause the whole thing crash down if you dare to touch it.

No matter what the sign is you are always left with that annoying little bug behind your ear that whispers “Hey, don’t you think that you’re just being too attentive towards the sky and are chasing these heart clouds, which have always been there and you just didn’t ever notice them”, or “Come on, this song has always been a hit on the radio, you just didn’t tune in to it that frequently”, or “Ok, he was in your dream, so what, you can dream of Michael Jackson, that wouldn’t mean you actually met him”.

I had one funny incident this week, I’m still not sure of what I heard, so this one gets 99.8% credibility. Was with my younger daughter in the bathroom, when she suddenly pointed up to the mirror and asked “What’s/Who’s that?” (not sure what she said, as she’s just learning to speak and some words come out identical or strange, here’s an extra 0.1% to this fact). She does that all the time, I’m starting to name all the objects that exist in the close perimeter of where she points to. This time nothing satisfied her and finally she said something which sounded very much like the name of my twin and like nothing else that she could potentially see in the bathroom.


This also supports one other observation which I have made in the analysis of the common patterns in signs – that children are very good mediums. They see and hear things that our cluttered minds do not. They believe in things which we sign off as magical or fantastic. They are closer to where they came from. They have no fear.

There are probably more and more things to be discovered on this journey, more rules and nuances, but 99.9% is probably an underlying one to all others. This 0.1% of doubt is probably the thin veil between the two worlds which some have come very close to. But it just has to be there to keep the balance.

I’m sorry, but I feel like 99.9% just won’t do, not for me at least. I will do my utmost to have the opportunity to cross the veil. There might still be doubts for the others about the validity of my experience but it would be enough for me to have this inner conviction just for myself.

In the end I have always loved breaking the rules (with love)!





The afterlife love story from the beginning.


4 thoughts on “The rule of the 99.9%

    • Hi April, I think that depends on whether the skill is developed and nourished. Some say almost anyone can develop clairvoyant and other psychic abilities if they enhance the skill. In a way I am now trying to achieve that. I guess having some innate ability would make it a very strong case. I’m sorry about your sister. Love. Hope.

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      • I’m also loving this exploration. I wonder how a conscious person might not be interested in understanding or at least trying to understand the mysterious but at the same time natural and eternal wisdoms of life. Most just burn away their existence in material routine not really questioning where they came from, why they came to live in this world and what’s next. Learning anything but the most important. I am really going to dedicate all of the time I am granted to live to this research and experimentation. And I know I’ve got a helper on the other side!

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