Thank you, my dear friend, for your present today. I was waiting for it, I even asked for it, but it didn’t make it less valuable as it came as always as a thoughtful and meaningful sign that reveals all the many ways in which you cared to make it special for me.

It was yesterday that I read this very touching story about a man who gave a sunflower to a complete stranger and this lady had lost her husband shortly before that, so she knew this was a sign from her beloved and was very touched by the gift.

I thought it would be lovely to get a sunflower in similar circumstances, that would be such a wonderful sign from you, but I was doubtful, as the sunflower is not a popular flower over the place here, but anyway I indulged a little into this daydream and then forgot about it.

In the morning, I was walking out of the house with my daughter to take her to the kindergarten. And suddenly the village-man who often sells fruit and vegetables in our neighbourhood rushes to his car and takes out this strange single flower that he hands to me, as if this was his mission for today and he was waiting for me to appear.

I want you to picture this perfectly well, as one might see this like a movie scene, where this stunning-looking lady walks out on the red carpet with hair fluttering in the wind and this Apollo of a man, who just happens to be a villager short of becoming the owner of the largest food-chain in the country, loses his breath and falls to his knees to hand her the flower. In reality, there is this crazy mom, who hardly managed to comb her hair, put on something over a pair of jeans and is rushing to the kindergarten. And on the other hand there is this old villager, who she just greets occasionally in the mornings and hardly ever buys something from.

And here comes this beautiful flower. While handing it to me, he said it was special and rare, a ‘miracle of nature’ as he put it, describing a little further how it grows and what its roots look like.

I immediately thought of the sunflower story, my wish to get such a present from you and then my mind wandered off thinking of the beauty of nature, the miracles of life, how infinitely colourful it is when it is filled with love, openheartedness and positive energy.

It was a bit later that I realised that the flower actually combined two very significant colours, the colours of the flowers which I always put on your grave – white and purple, where white symbolises the purest love and purple symbolises spirituality. For me these are the colours of our relationship and this flower is an absolutely amazing symbol. Thank you!



Open-minded and
fierce I’m in search of my beloved soul in the afterlife.

The afterlife love story from the beginning

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