I’m going goosebumps right now as I’m writing this, as this thought I’ve been entertaining for an hour or so is something that never occurred to me before.

In my efforts to get access to the higher realms of existence I’ve been practising a bunch of different techniques and approaches and all of them are related to energy, vibrations and frequencies, as these are the essential notions in afterlife and actually life theories.

One of the things I’m after is energy-work, which means raising the vibration of one’s energy body, which is considered to be kind of an engine that breathes life into the physical form that the soul inhabits, the ‘invisible’ medium between the soul and the body. It is thought, and I’m coming to share this belief, that once you are able to actually be this body and vibrate at altered frequencies you will be able to access other dimensions vibrating at the same frequencies, like tuning into a different radio channel.

There are lots of ways of doing energy-work, ancient shamanic, modern and traditional eastern as well as simplified empiric western methods. I’m experimenting with a mix of these to see for myself whichever works best and so far I’m enjoying Robert Bruce’s NEW (New Energy Ways) approach.

While doing the proposed exercises you are getting lots of interesting sensations, some very common, others new and unusual. And I must say it does feel like you’re gaining some control over this subtle energy body that we are not used to sense much in our everyday life without specifically focusing on it.

Now today I was walking in the park during a break that I’m forcing myself to have daily to be in nature (this is also a common method for raising vibrations, but for me this was just an intuitive urge, which I decided to follow at some point). I was listening to music, observing the trees, the skies, the birds and the water and suddenly I got this overwhelming feeling of admiration with all this beauty around me, so harmoniously filling up all my senses. And it gave me goosebumps. And suddenly I realised that this is one of the cases when our energy body shouts out and expresses itself, protrudes from the frame of the physical body which becomes small and confined for all the emotions that engulf the soul.

This is just one of the things that I suddenly started to see differently, but this whole spiritual journey is like that – giving you goosebumps all the time and making you change your perception of life and its unanswered mysteries at an enormous speed. Once you’re in, there’s no way you can live as you used to before. Just impossible.

And here’s the melody that I was listening to, maybe it will give you goosebumps too and you will be intrigued to push the limits of your physical body!





PS I see a sign here. I just finished writing the post and decided to check out what the daily prompt is for today and guess what, it’s
Shiver . I see this as a confirmation from my twin that I’m right in my thinking. He always gives me little signs to confirm my thoughts. I’m lovin it! And going goosebumps again…



The afterlife love story from the beginning


7 thoughts on “Goosebumps

  1. Thanks for this post. I know the vibrations and goose-bumps you speak of very well. I too am just beginning my journey exploring various energies and different frequencies mainly through meditation with crystals and the exploration of different crystal energies. What an amazing link to higher frequencies Mother Nature provides.

    I must also comment about your intuition to spend time in nature daily. I could be wrong but the way I feel it is that intuition also has a very specific vibration and frequency all it’s own that we may or may not be able to attune to naturally. Your intuition may be guided by the very energy you seek in nature. Amazing.

    Thank you for this post. I look forward to hearing more about your journeys.


    • Hi and thanks for the reflections! I am also exploring the power of crystals, although I must say I’m struggling to feel the energy substantially just yet. If you have any recommendations on what has worked for you, I would be grateful if you could refer me to the sources.

      As to the intuition, exactly, I feel lots of energy coming from nature, particularly water, and even more rain/hail, as well as thunders. This really is amazing!

      Thanks again for sharing thoughts!

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      • I find Crystals to be an amazing source of energy and inspiration. I am still very new to working with the power and the beauty that Mother Nature has gifted us with, but I will help in any way I can.

        I personally find meditation with my stones to be a great way to attune to their energy and raise my personal vibration to match their frequency. I have begun collecting quite a few different crystals but it seems that the basics are a perfect way to go. Clear, smoky, and rose quartz are invaluable as well as amethyst.

        Not sure what you are referring to when you say sources? Do you mean texts with individual crystals energetic or metaphysical attributes? Or are you referring to people sources speaking from experience?

        Like I mentioned I am pretty much a newbie but will turn you onto anything I can IF I can. Be well. Always


      • Thanks so much! I too have clear quartz, amethyst and also lapis lazuli. By sources I meant any descriptions of the best ways to work with them, like meditation ideas, perhaps guided meditations that work for you. Will probably need to explore this further myself as well. You came to remind me.

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      • I have tried a couple guided meditations that didn’t resonate all that well with me. I personaly like to sit very quietly at home either in silence or with a nature sounds app quietly providing a calming auditory backdrop. I also have a very special rock seat that sits right on a creek bed and it is MY place to sit in nature and give gratitude for our mothers gifts of beauty. I highly suggest finding your own place or places that you can be at one with the energies of our Earth Mother uninterrupted. Hope this helps.

        Lapis is a beautiful stone to work with. I have not worked with it much but my girlfriend has taken to it and as it is one of the birthstones she shares with her mother who is passed on, she is starting to work with it more. It seems to bring her closer to the comfort and peace her mother (as well as a cast of others) provides.

        I wish you well in your journey of the energetic spirit. Be well always


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