The other day was your 7 months day. It’s not getting any better, if better is letting you go. But it’s better in the way I have started treating death and understanding life.

It was in the evening that my hubby suggested watching a movie and strangely enough asked me to check out what’s available. My initial thought was to find something that would be close to afterlife love story, but then I decided that it would not be to my hubby’s cinematic palate and started browsing through the new released films. And there it was this absolutely amazing title – A universe for two. This is, in fact, how the movie Correspondence has been translated into my local language, otherwise it wouldn’t even have caught my eye with its cover as I would just scroll it away as another love drama which my hubby hates.

We eventually watched a ‘nice’ thriller, but I was desperately waiting for a moment when I would be alone to watch this movie, that I now read the synopsis for and it was just that, an afterlife love story!


Tonight I watched it.

What can I say? It was a beautiful drama, a heart-breaking love story. I did cry a lot. But there’s one thing that struck me. Before watching the film, I was thinking – Oh, someone
jumped ahead and made a movie about a similar story, something that I was thinking of doing one day, when I would eventually manage to connect with you to the degree I desire – to share with the world, to give hope to those who are grieving, that death is not separation and there are always ways for true love to outlive death into the eternal. This movie didn’t do this. It wasn’t even an afterlife love story after all. I won’t be writing a spoiler here, in case anyone is willing to watch, and I would really recommend watching, as it’s beautiful. But what I realised was that our story is much more powerful, because what you left me are all symbols and memories which let me feel clearly your presence and our connection after you’re gone.

Thank you for this, anyway, I enjoyed the movie and, even more, the after-thoughts, which I’m sure you knew I would arrive at.



Here and Now


The afterlife love story from the beginning


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