Tonight I registered some progress! It wasn’t groundbreaking but still it was a breakthrough that left further cracks and craters in my late ‘reality’ and self consciousness which was significantly shattered after your passing and my brief but profound and mind-altering experiences with lucid dreaming and astral projection/phasing/OOBE.

Tonight again I made up my mind to try to enter a wake-induced lucid dream (WILD) through wake-back-to-bed and FILD techniques (sorry for the extensive terminology). I woke up to my alarm, took the 5 HTP neurotransmitter pill which has proved to be successful twice already in this scenario, put on my headphones to listen to some binaural music which I also find quite helpful and set my intentions for the dream.

I’m still analysing what happened next, because it was different both from a lucid dream and from the first projection experience I had some time ago. But it was mind-blowing!

In about 20-30 minutes I realised my body was asleep and my consciousness was free. I thought I would be entering the dream, like I often do, from the very beginning into some dreamscape, but I was still in my room and in the same reality as I continued to perceive it, but without a body.  No indicators of a dream at all, just trance-like state. I have had a number of lucid dreams to know the difference. And with all these altered states knowing is usually the only truth and evidence.

At this point I restarted the FILD (finger technique which involves slightly tapping the index and middle fingers to keep consciousness awake while the body sets off to sleep). I felt an electric current in my fingers. I levitated upwards from my bed and was thinking of the next steps, because I could obviously feel this wasn’t a dream and therefore my dream plans were irrelevant. I also got extremely excited just like the first time and felt that I was being sucked back  into my body. Just then I realised I was feeling your presence around me. I didn’t “see” you but I knew you were there. I could feel this presence in thought, in heart and in spirit.

I wish I could have stayed longer and I would definitely get my birthday hug. But there’s no hurry, we have an eternity ahead of us. Eternity plus the time I’m destined to spend here trying to connect with you from one world to the other, tuned into your frequency, the frequency of love.

But now I’m off to put on the facade of an ordinary woman, interested in work and routine, political talks and instagram gastronomy.



5 thoughts on “Embraced by your presence on the frequency of love [Successful Out of Body Experience]

  1. Congratulations! Are you familiar with Lucidology? I have been watching their videos lately (youtube channel LucidDreamTricks), thinking of ways a person can use OBEs for the *specific* purpose of visiting the afterlife. Why wait for our loved ones to come to us? I want to go to them! It sounds like you do too – and it looks like you are making real progress! Can’t wait to see where this goes for you.

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    • Thank you, Jenn! Yes, I am familiar with these series and I’m reading and exploring everything I can to get OBEs to work for this purpose! I say if any single one person in the entire history of mankind has been able to do this, I’m going to find the way too! Even if nobody were ever able to do this, I would be the first, cause I’m not going to settle with this idea and I just don’t believe this is the end, it’s against any logic and law of nature. I will turn the world upside down and will find him. And will of course share here all the details and will happily help others who would open their hearts and minds for the amazing possibilities of life and afterlife! Thank you for stopping by! Lots of love!

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