It’s so hard to let go of this year. Even though this was the year that took you away, it also was the last year when you were still around for a month and 18 days, sharing your smiles, love and wisdom with the world.

But it is a rule of life, everything ends to begin again. And I’m sure there are no exceptions to this rule, and as the new year will come to take the place of the old,  you were only
gone to be born again, and separation is only there to lead to a new encounter.

And I’ll be looking forward to it…




10 thoughts on “To new beginnings!

    • We don’t know much about the afterlife, these are just assumptions. What if the power of love was to show us actually that by not letting go we could build a bridge between worlds and realise the power of our spirit to remain connected with our soulmates even after theh have lost their physical form…I cannot let it go, even if I did, that would be artificial, deep in my heart I feel this eternal connection and I know it is taking me on the road to this bridge and I am going to trust my intuition more than any superstition and man-made belief. And my love is going to win death!


      • The love will linger on and will cross over to the after life. This is what was discovered by those who engage in paranormal activities. Investigators who have documented certain things, as well as those who have contacted those that have crossed over to the non-physical world. Common theme is that the spirit of a loved one can be held earth bound by a grieving loved one. The spirit is unable to move because the loved one has not yet accepted the passing. Some cultures have rituals to allow the spirit to leave. For example the Chinese will burn a picture of the deceased; if they passed in the house a window will be open and mirrors covered to allow the spirit to leave. Some have a period of grief…..
        Once the spirit moves on it often makes visits the loved ones. In dreams or the spirit may be present in the loved one’s environment.


      • Thank you for these insights. I know these beliefs and I can see the reasoning behind most of them. And I have released his spirit to go further and to be free, because the last thing I would wish for my beloved spirit is to be trapped somewhere in between. However, even when they move on, as you say, they do visit us, and I have been visited on a number of occasions. But I am also sure we can visit them too if we are able to let go of the physical. This is what I am currently exploring and have recorded some success in. I feel like my intuition is going to take me interesting places and I feel I’m guided by my soulmate.

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      • yes you are correct that we can also visit the spirit. As we are both physical and spiritual beings. We can astral project our spiritual body and mental self into the spiritual world.
        However the problem with this is that we as humans are not lucid once we are in that state. To become lucid takes practice, and it also takes practice to self induce and out of body experience. Controlling the bio-energy and deal with the type of spirits that will be attracted to us once we start to do energy work. In essence it will raise our vibrations and open up new perspectives and give us a spiritual awaking .
        One of the things that holds us back is the beliefs and religious doctrine that is taught to us from when we were young. Doing astral projection, and bio-energy work and experiencing the effects will conflict with the beliefs and religious doctrines. Some people can’t get past that and it holds them down because they choose to be grounded in those beliefs & doctrine.


      • I’m glad to see a like-minded person. That’s exactly what I was referring to and if you check my earlier posts you will see that I’ve been able to achieve lucid dreams where I’ve encountered my friend and I have also had two astral projection experiences which were too brief to be able to explore much of the space and communicate with the spirit of my friend but during one of these I was able to sense his presence.
        This is an amazing experience and this spiritual awakening has led me to a new level of understanding of life & death, and to a complete and unconditional gratefulness for all lessons and experiences, even loss and grief which prove to be the best tutors.

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