One of the first things I decided for myself early in the days when my grief was very fresh and when I set myself the intention of finding my way to my twinflame, was not ever, not for all the ayahuasca in Peru! to go and see mediums or channellers. Not that I don’t believe that some are really able to make the connection [otherwise I wouldn’t aim to train myself as one] but just because I would never be absolutely sure that it was him. And then, direct interaction was what I was after.

I’m not sure which the determining factor was – was it the long time it was taking me to connect to my twin and the slow progress with the spiritual practice, or was it the temptation that I couldn’t fight when the opportunity arose – but I broke my promise. And I am having mixed feelings as a result now.

I wasn’t looking for any readings specifically, because my mind was fully occupied with the meditation practice, lucid dreaming and astral projection, energy work etc. However, when I got the recommendation to contact a lady who had a similar journey to mine and had proved to be quite accurate in her readings as a result of a near-death experience, the worm made its nest in my mind and I was already making up the excuses.

And so I arranged for a reading. There was quite a waiting list and I had to wait for a month. During this month I would imagine this talk for many times working out all the possible scenarios, trying not to be too optimistic about it, and still this was a terrible distraction to everything I was after and I was really hopeful to get a strong validation of his presence in that reading.

It was my first reading ever, I never knew what to expect and perhaps this was one of the reasons for the slight disappointment with the accuracy of the communication. The medium was a bit off quite often, but also on spot for about 70% of the time.

Prior to the talk I asked my twin to pass on to me through the medium some messages, that would leave me assured:

Image result for bullet number circledFor some time I’ve been feeling very low about him not having left an offspring, a son or a daughter, who would be a piece of his physical existence in this life. I must admit that I even had a crazy thought, that if there were a DNA bank with his material, I would probably have gone and done an AI. And once I had a visitation dream, where he was sending me messages on Facebook and among the other stuff there was a postcard of me and him and a boy of about 6 or 7 who was his son…or maybe our son…

Anyways, the first thing I wanted him to validate through the medium, was something related to this boy.

The second thing I asked was that he shared one of the many signs or dreams of him that I’ve experienced during this year and half, so that I could be sure that those really were signs, rather than me going nuts and that it was him in my dreams and not solely my mind’s construct.

Image result for bullet number circled     The third thing I wanted to get as a validation was our secret number.

The fourth one was the location of the painting.



And ultimately, I wanted him to reassure me that we indeed were twinflames and that this wasn’t something I made up (I do have this critical thinking spurts occasionally).

The medium first warned me that it looked like this was the first time for my boy to be channelled too and so he might not be very skilled at passing on the messages to her. I’m not sure how this works, probably through symbols and telepathic thought exchange, but maybe there’s some truth to it…

Well, she knew it was the spirit of a male at once, but this didn’t impress me much, because there were only two options to choose from anyways.

The first thing she said that she sees something related to fatherhood and protection. She suggested the spirit could be my father’s, but I told her this wasn’t the case. She still would insist that the message she was getting was related to children, so she asked if we had common children with the man, to which I said no…but intuitively I was already linking this discussion to the first validation on my list…

She then told me the accurate age, saying he was in his thirties when he passed on and she also told me the reason of the death and that it was unexpected. She said he was a victim of bad addictions (indeed he died of drug overdose) and that this was making me very mad. Yes yes and yes! I always was very mad at him for taking the damned drugs.

She then told me that she sees tears in the bathroom. Well, yes, I do sometimes cry in the bathroom, I guess all of us do sometimes and I’m sure those who grieve loved one’s loss do this even more often. But the thing that came to my mind was the one case when I saw his face imprinted on the bathroom curtain and there was a drop of water rolling down the part of the curtain where his right eye would have been, and it was so much like a tear… So this could well have been the number 2 on my list.

She also said that he came to my dreams often. That is of course true, but again, who doesn’t dream of their deceased loved ones…She said that he wanted me to know it was him indeed in those dreams. Number 2 again…

She then asked me if there was anything specific that I wanted to ask, and so I said that I would like him to validate himself by giving our secret number. She said this wasn’t something she would normally do, and that it would be difficult (well, I bet!), but she would try. The first number she said was exactly the first half of our 4-digit number code. She was unable to give me the second half, but this still was quite impressive…Number 3 half-met.

I then asked her if she could help me find a thing I was looking for that he had stored somewhere. Again, this was a difficult task and she was first to guess what the thing actually was. She made a mistake here, saying this was a piece of jewelry…but as I said it wasn’t, her second guess was almost close – she said is it a paper…well if a canvas/painting can be treated like a paper, something you can paint on…maybe she was close. Anyways, she was unable to tell me where it is but she said I would find it someday. I hope so…Number 4 just a quarter-met.

And then as we were finishing the talk she said “You felt his passing, didn’t you?”…I was stunned. Of course I did! That’s how it all started! And here she said the fifth one – she said “That’s because you are twinflames…”.

I’m not sure if she says this to anyone who she feels was romantically connected to the spirit, but she was spot on here. She said he was always around and that I can feel his presence, which is true…

There were some minor things that she said that seemed a bit off to me, but that might have been the misinterpretation…

I was exhausted after the talk and I spent the rest of the night analysing the messages and the accuracy rate and the probability for coincidences, but what I came up with was even if she were to say generic things, like some mediums are skilled to do, would she have hit all of these items on my list more or less? And well overall, the 70 or even perhaps 80 percent of what she said was accurate in this way or another…

Now tell me, am I being too wishful and could these just be coincidences coupled by a skilled medium’s experience,  or is there more to it? I would really love to hear some impartial thoughts…




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