The scent of your embrace

The other day I was looking for a present for your mom on the occasion of her new car…I always get little nice things or sweets for her to cheer up, as if anything can cheer her up at all. Well maybe for an instant at least.

As I approached the car accessory stand in the store IT immediately caught my eye – the car perfume scented J’Adore by Dior.

They say the sense of smell is most closely linked with the memory centres of the brain (if they really know where those are), and everyone must have had these sparks of remembrance due to long-forgotten familiar scents reminding of childhood memories, places, people and most of all feelings.

This scent immediately took me back into your embrace and I could hear you saying again and again how you adore this perfume…on me. It also reminds me of how you loved dropping French words, how you would say Je t’adore now and then. And then memories just queue up one after the other.

My Teacher says that scents are very subtle energies that also attract the dwellers of the subtle worlds and so I hope that this perfume will make your way to your mom even more frequent as she feels your presence just like I do, always and forever embraced by you.





Grieving allowance on a widowed birthday

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I feel like a widow. I am not, God forbid, but my pain is just as acute. And that leads me back to how everything in our life is conditional, labelled and square.

If I were a widow, I would be understood and my grief would be expected and acceptable, I would have an allowance of about a year to grieve. If I am not, if it’s a soulmate, a friend, you can’t even explain it in the first place, and you can only grieve for a week?, a month?, well and occasionally, for example when it’s their Birthday.

Finally I can grieve openly today. It’s your Birthday.

It’s the only day of the year, when we would usually talk in the last 10 years. Through my birthday messages I always wanted you to know, that you are not alone, I’m with you in my thoughts and you are special to me.

I think, knowing that you are special for someone always makes life more beautiful and worthwhile. At least it has been so for me and I always cherish the thought of those people for whom I am special. Even if there is no physical interaction for some ‘material’ ‘earthly’ reasons, I always send some good vibes towards these people and I know these are felt and important at some level, some frequency, even if transmitted and received unconsciously.

I have always felt your vibes, too, and I so want to thank you for filling my life with so much love and ‘specialness’. Your love has always been imprinted in my consciousness and made me feel irreplaceable, unique and love-worthy.

May the day you were born be blessed!

And here is an urge to everyone to send those good vibes to all the people you love and who are special to you. I would challenge you to let them know you’re thinking about them, even if there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles, separation, fight, hard feelings. One day it might be late. Mind the Gap

And I will go ahead and survive this difficult day when I no longer can send you a birthday message, but can still elicit those loving vibes in anticipation of our next meeting in the dreams.




Embraced by your presence on the frequency of love [Successful Out of Body Experience]

Tonight I registered some progress! It wasn’t groundbreaking but still it was a breakthrough that left further cracks and craters in my late ‘reality’ and self consciousness which was significantly shattered after your passing and my brief but profound and mind-altering experiences with lucid dreaming and astral projection/phasing/OOBE.

Tonight again I made up my mind to try to enter a wake-induced lucid dream (WILD) through wake-back-to-bed and FILD techniques (sorry for the extensive terminology). I woke up to my alarm, took the 5 HTP neurotransmitter pill which has proved to be successful twice already in this scenario, put on my headphones to listen to some binaural music which I also find quite helpful and set my intentions for the dream.

I’m still analysing what happened next, because it was different both from a lucid dream and from the first projection experience I had some time ago. But it was mind-blowing!

In about 20-30 minutes I realised my body was asleep and my consciousness was free. I thought I would be entering the dream, like I often do, from the very beginning into some dreamscape, but I was still in my room and in the same reality as I continued to perceive it, but without a body.  No indicators of a dream at all, just trance-like state. I have had a number of lucid dreams to know the difference. And with all these altered states knowing is usually the only truth and evidence.

At this point I restarted the FILD (finger technique which involves slightly tapping the index and middle fingers to keep consciousness awake while the body sets off to sleep). I felt an electric current in my fingers. I levitated upwards from my bed and was thinking of the next steps, because I could obviously feel this wasn’t a dream and therefore my dream plans were irrelevant. I also got extremely excited just like the first time and felt that I was being sucked back  into my body. Just then I realised I was feeling your presence around me. I didn’t “see” you but I knew you were there. I could feel this presence in thought, in heart and in spirit.

I wish I could have stayed longer and I would definitely get my birthday hug. But there’s no hurry, we have an eternity ahead of us. Eternity plus the time I’m destined to spend here trying to connect with you from one world to the other, tuned into your frequency, the frequency of love.

But now I’m off to put on the facade of an ordinary woman, interested in work and routine, political talks and instagram gastronomy.



My bi-reality – Visitation No 4

I think I’m becoming bipolar by choice, living on the
fragile border between two worlds, thankfully or maybe regretfully yet being able to discern one from the other. Aura-sensitive people say these days I look transparent. I wonder if this means I’m getting close to changing my frequency one day and disappearing at will like a real alien.

Last night I was analysing your visitations in my dreams and I saw a pattern that alarmed me. It seemed as though you were getting more and more distant. On the very first appearance of yours, when we were on the boat, you were my dear old friend, laughing and sharing stories, in the second you were just smiling from the moon, the third one was a friendly walk but it was mostly me leaning to you, making jokes, and you were serious and calm, somewhat superior and giving me some ‘instructions’ about working on my fears etc. In the very last dream, which I do not consider a visitation, but an invite from me where I summoned you in my lucid dream, you were so remote, so out-of-touch, you didn’t even look at me and it was just me observing your lit-up posture and calling out to you at no avail.

And this made me think of a terrible thing to think, that you are ascending to higher realms and leaving everything, all the memories and earthly experiences behind. Now as a free spirit you see the bigger picture, all your eternal path and on that path I might be just a tiny pixel. You have soul-work of universal importance and all these fears and cravings of mine are but a distraction to you. Until I could stop these thoughts, they already made their naughty way into my unconscious. I calmed it a bit by thinking that you’re my twinflame, there’s no way you could sign me off as unimportant. What came next was probably something that, if vocalised, would sound like a desperate cry while drowning and trying to grasp for air in the midst of a fractured call for He-eee-llppp.

I said “Please, please show me I am wrong, please come to my dream as my dear friend, show me I’m still important to you”. With that strong intention and a plan to wake up in the middle of the night to increase my chances of a lucid dream I went to sleep.

As if by magic, I was woken up by my thirsty daughter at the best time around 3 am. Took my 5-HTP pill which worked in this very combination with a WBTB (wake back to bed) method last time and with my intention engraved in my unconscious went back to bed.

I had something like a semi-lucid dream mixed with a visitation dream.

I was walking, or maybe flying up some stairs and suddenly was up on the roof of a building. In front of me there was another demolished building and at my eye-level there was a room without a facade, all in ruins and there were three friends sitting and having a boisterous talk. He was in the middle. He saw me appear there on this roof and gave a very warm welcome in his usual manner that I could immediately recognise. He said “Look who’s here!!!” and I waved him and blew him two kisses.

I thought “Oh my! This is so real! Might it be that he is not even dead in the physical, maybe he’s just hiding somewhere…”. I knew it was a dream, I just wasn’t controlling it, because it had taken me exactly where I wanted to be.

The next instant he teleported himself right in front of me like a
superhero, giving me the tightest hug one can feel in a dream and a kiss.

I now know you feel the same about me, I always knew it and am very sorry for doubting you…it’s just that the unknown scares me and however hard I try to raise my vibrations and think, or even live on a higher frequency, my fears and human emotions take over sometimes and leave me perplexed.

Be by my side here and now, and always…please.



Together eternally one


The afterlife love story from the beginning


I’m going goosebumps right now as I’m writing this, as this thought I’ve been entertaining for an hour or so is something that never occurred to me before.

In my efforts to get access to the higher realms of existence I’ve been practising a bunch of different techniques and approaches and all of them are related to energy, vibrations and frequencies, as these are the essential notions in afterlife and actually life theories.

One of the things I’m after is energy-work, which means raising the vibration of one’s energy body, which is considered to be kind of an engine that breathes life into the physical form that the soul inhabits, the ‘invisible’ medium between the soul and the body. It is thought, and I’m coming to share this belief, that once you are able to actually be this body and vibrate at altered frequencies you will be able to access other dimensions vibrating at the same frequencies, like tuning into a different radio channel.

There are lots of ways of doing energy-work, ancient shamanic, modern and traditional eastern as well as simplified empiric western methods. I’m experimenting with a mix of these to see for myself whichever works best and so far I’m enjoying Robert Bruce’s NEW (New Energy Ways) approach.

While doing the proposed exercises you are getting lots of interesting sensations, some very common, others new and unusual. And I must say it does feel like you’re gaining some control over this subtle energy body that we are not used to sense much in our everyday life without specifically focusing on it.

Now today I was walking in the park during a break that I’m forcing myself to have daily to be in nature (this is also a common method for raising vibrations, but for me this was just an intuitive urge, which I decided to follow at some point). I was listening to music, observing the trees, the skies, the birds and the water and suddenly I got this overwhelming feeling of admiration with all this beauty around me, so harmoniously filling up all my senses. And it gave me goosebumps. And suddenly I realised that this is one of the cases when our energy body shouts out and expresses itself, protrudes from the frame of the physical body which becomes small and confined for all the emotions that engulf the soul.

This is just one of the things that I suddenly started to see differently, but this whole spiritual journey is like that – giving you goosebumps all the time and making you change your perception of life and its unanswered mysteries at an enormous speed. Once you’re in, there’s no way you can live as you used to before. Just impossible.

And here’s the melody that I was listening to, maybe it will give you goosebumps too and you will be intrigued to push the limits of your physical body!





PS I see a sign here. I just finished writing the post and decided to check out what the daily prompt is for today and guess what, it’s
Shiver . I see this as a confirmation from my twin that I’m right in my thinking. He always gives me little signs to confirm my thoughts. I’m lovin it! And going goosebumps again…



The afterlife love story from the beginning