The Teacher

I found a Teacher. Or maybe he found me when I was ready. Or maybe you led me to finding him.

You were and are my first teacher. The teacher, that’s indivisible from me, one with me. My mirror showing all my flaws and imperfections, and at the same time infinitely accepting and loving. I didn’t realise it back then, so I turned away and left the mirror covered with a white cloth in an abandoned empty house.

They say the teacher comes when you are ready to let go of your ego, reveal your true essence and learn to love wholeheartedly and sincerely. This brings me back to your last Facebook post, which I’m sure many took as a sentimental goodbye note and already forgot by now. But not me. You just nailed it, when you said “Love more often with divine love.” This was your last lesson and I’m doing my best to learn it and put it into practice. And I can already see the changes in me, in my life and hopefully also soon in the life of others.

Now that you’re not here, you led me to a teacher whom I found in search for the answers. And then, after a series of signs and synchronicities, I became his disciple.

This has been a transformational journey and I still have a long way to go. But I know with each day I’m getting closer to the higher me, us, the oneness.

One realisation that has come to me, that I no longer am attached to you as a separate someone. Songs like “I cannot live without you” don’t ring a bell anymore, because I cannot be without you, simply because you are me and these are not just words, but a deep powerful feeling of oneness and connection, that no longer depends on the physical presence.

I am blessed!






Afterlife Love Story

Through this blog I’m going to keep record of a new journey that I’ve embarked on – a strange, out-of-the-world and at times unbelievable experience of an afterlife relationship. This is mostly for myself to have a “secret diary” of the events, but I’m also happy to share this with anyone who might be in a similar situation and might need reassurance and affirmation. I’ve been there myself and I know how someone’s positive experience might cheer up at a time when you think it’s all over and your loved one is gone forever.

This blog is going to be all about love in it’s purest form – not to be confused with any single form of love in the physical world, rather their cumulative expression where love is you in your entirety.

There might be controversial pieces of experiences, as I am still in the learning process and am exploring the unknown, stumbling and falling, checking and discrediting, theorizing and practising.

I will also be happy for any comments and feedback from the readers. I think this quest to the higher realms and our consciousness should actually be a communal effort. I now see this as an overarching priority for the humanity, which we’ve distanced ourselves from dramatically. There is, however, so much potential still untapped or available to only the few lucky ones.

I hope I will enthuse you to look into these things “supernatural”, to find love and happiness and share it along.


As the end of this brief introduction I would like to note that I am sane, or well I have always been considered such, although sanity has become a relativism for me nowadays just like anything else in this reality. But just so that you know, if you wonder, who’s the author of all of these phantasmagorias, I am a mother of two, a mid-career senior manager at a global organization, a founding partner of a charity social enterprise, non-religious with mostly Buddhist views, a multi-form artist in my spare time and a happy person overall.