Today I felt your presence especially strong.

My morning started off with the chinking sound of the door-lock as if someone turned the key, but there was nobody. This was the second time it happened. You have probably gotten stronger in your new form and are already handling physical objects better, just like Sam in the Ghost movie, whom it took some time to learn to operate with coins and then bigger and more significant objects.

I had the whole day filled with our secret number, more than in any one day, and in the exact sequence as it doesn’t always happen. And the last one that had me dumbfounded was the taxi with the number plates holding this number and the actual name of the taxi company, that I saw later written on its side-door was your name! I had never met this taxi company in the city before and I remember thinking about not ever seeing your name anywhere including in taxi names which are very diverse over here. Thank you for this one.

I always thank you for the signs, as I know this means you are keeping me in your thoughts and are satisfying my somewhat childish and demanding requests for signs and permanent proof of presence. This is not because my belief in you is shattered, it’s just my rational mind asking for these constant reminders to stay on the wave and keep supporting the soul-work. So thank you for the patience.

I also appreciated your other sign today when you manifested my thoughts into reality. I was at your grave today and somehow I had this feeling that I must meet your mom there, but I knew this would hardly be possible without prior arrangement as today was no commemorative date and the timing wasn’t usual for her. As I was driving to the exit of the cemetery I saw a car, and thought “Is that her?” but it wasn’t. And I thought “Come on. Stop this.” And right then at the next turn I see her car and her buying flowers for you from where I just bought my usual white flowers symbolizing the purest and most divine love.

I feel such a strong affection towards your mom. And such a strong call from you to see her often, support her, give her some love which you no longer can give her. I love her just because she’s your mom, she gave life to you, she is the only part of you left here with me and I love her unconditionally. I also have a strange feeling, that this affection is not mine. I feel like it’s the You in me who longs to see her, hug her, drop her a message. Thank you for another chance to see her.

I feel like this was a very intense day with so much You in it. I do hope this means we will also meet in my dream or maybe in the astral plane if the mugwort tea I just brewed and took in in huge quantities helps.

Eternally one







The afterlife love story from the beginning.


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