Omg I have a package that you left for me before passing away and I’m holding it in my hands now. No idea where I got it from. It’s an A4 size envelope that I’m opening hastily. Two books and two packs of colour pencils, I gather, for my daughters, one is a bit smaller for my younger daughter and the other is bigger, it’s probably for the elder. You always loved my daughters, I know.

I take out the small red book, flip the cover and there’s a writing that you left for me. I can’t figure out what’s written. What a terrible handwriting you have. I re-read it once, twice…no chance. I put it away and think that I’ll try to decipher it later when I’m home. Wait, where am I?

There’s a sofa in front of me, on it I can see a mid-size grey plush elephant. Great! This is probably your room and you bought yourself an elephant to remind you of your present to me, my Ellie. Above the sofa is a window. I go and check out the view and see some buildings with some billboards in my language, great I’m in my city. This is probably your grandparents’ place.

Suddenly through the window I can see my daughter’s nursery teacher walking past and entering the place. Oh! Ok, so I’m in the nursery. And then there’s a performance by the children and some other dream characters I don’t know and other bizarre stuff. And then I wake up.

I can’t remember when I last woke up so happy and so disappointed at the same time. This wasn’t a visitation dream, like the two ones I had earlier, but getting a trigger from you in a dream was very cute! How on earth could I not recognize this trigger, though. I practise this daily, ask myself if I’m dreaming and check writings on billboards, screens and in books, whether they read fine or are unreadable, which is a red-flashing sign that this is a dream. And here you go, I have this wonderful trigger in the dream and I continue dreaming without wondering why is that that I can’t read what’s written. Bad handwriting…yeah…stupid cow! this is what I call myself in times like this and then immediately I think that it’s such a disgrace for someone like me practicing all the yoga and observing the 8 limbs to label a cow as stupid. Dear cow, please forgive me.

One other technique of lucid dreaming apart from reality checks like reading text, is the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD). This is when you use your memory to induce a dream. There are methods like repeating to yourself your intention to become lucid in the dream right before sleep, I do that all the time. The other method is to visualize your last dream and imagine as if it continues and you are lucid in it. So what I did this morning was going back to bed again and trying to resume the dream and become lucid. Didn’t work. Fell asleep and had some other crazy dreams.


When I woke up again I tried another technique. Daydreaming. Easy, I do that all the time. And the Fun! began.

I rewind the dream and then wake up, going on my business. I then meet a friend of my twin in the street and he passes me the package from the dream, saying that it was requested by him that the package be passed to me exactly on this date, that is after I have the dream. So the dream was real! I take out the red little book and flip the cover, it says: “Nothing will ever change my love for you, not even death”. This very sentence he wrote to me back when we were still dating. I cannot read it without tears now.

End of daydream.

Back to reality. Analysis. Dream journal. Writing down all the details of the dreams. Had five in a row tonight. Logging my choice of food and herbs last night that led to this productive dream-night. Bananas and mugwort tea. Although the whole week has been very productive since I started taking mugwort, asparagus roots and B6. This surely is going to lead to a DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) if I don’t forget my reality checks during the day. I’m so close to it. The triggers are there, some dream characters who are already dream signs I can recognize. Just a little left and I will be able to lucid dream at will. And there we can meet and talk and I will hug you oh so strongly.

For those of you who might be new to the subject but interested, here’s a video that you can explore:






The afterlife love story from the beginning.



5 thoughts on “Scribbles from the other side

    • All of this does sometimes feel just too intense to bear…I feel I release part of it by writing and sharing the pain with those who feel likewise. This is a journey we have to walk through to go higher, and though it sounds unbelievable and I do too sometimes get discouraged, this is the way to the long-awaited union of our twin souls. Stay strong and fight the tears, they bring you two steps backwards. But not by suppressing the pain but reassessing it and finding the big meaning and the wisdom of life. Namaste!

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      • Whatever they are, they are beautiful, the most beautiful emotions are these twinflame sparks, they just light up your heart and fill with love towards everything and everyone. The hardest bit is letting go of self and ego wants and appreciating the great gift of love that you were granted to experience in this lifetime and in eternity! It’s amazing what you are doing through your blog, each and every positive sharing with the world takes us closer to the oneness. All the love and namaste!


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